Fascinated by learning about people, I initially started drawing as a way to dive into history and discover people. This soon spiraled when I had a compulsion to share what I had learnt about these captivating people; thus "Nina draws scientists" was born. 

My work celebrates both past and present scientists (who happen to be women) and their achievements. I want to highlight the diversity of people and careers within science.

One thing I have learnt is that no two scientists are the same, however they are united by their relentless curiosity about the world. All persevered in the face of iniquity or self-doubt. 

When I'm not drawing, you can find me buried in a book or trying to find the best coffee shop somewhere in Europe.

Want to collaborate?
I'm always keen to collaborate, so do get in touch if there is a particular scientist you would like to see on my page, or if you would like to use my work. 

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